24 hours is just not enough!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I don’t know about you, but my answer to that has always been “The ability to live without sleep.”

Spending six to eight hours a day sleeping sounds to me like a big waste of time, especially when I could be doing something interesting in those eight hours. And having a day job doesn’t help either.

After I come home from work, I have hardly three hours to pursue my interests before sleep starts knocking on my door. How am I supposed to read, write, sketch, watch movies, listen to music and practice keyboard in those three hours?

So, if there are any vampires out there looking for someone to turn, just contact me. I don’t even mind the messy blood drinking part. I just don’t want to sleep.

5 thoughts on “24 hours is just not enough!

    • What I do during the day is what a major chunk of Indian youngsters seem to be doing these days: slave at an IT company. And I desperately need my day job to support my drug habits (and in case you’re curious, a combination of movies, books, music, food and shopping is the drug of my choice which keeps me afloat in this cruel, cruel world). And I doubt I can “change” what I do because I don’t know what I should be doing. I’m Clueless Girl after all.

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      • ahhh most of us are clueless pawns, by day and by night 🙂

        You are definitely not of the sheep species, hence I foresee hope and contentment for you, the tunneling through muck will pay off. I believe that. If not, come here, pretty bullet, you!

        Great choices of drugs, hope you find good dealers 🙂

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    • I certainly hope your words come true as contentment and hope is what I want in my life (doesn’t everyone?). That said, I can’t help feeling that life is one endless road of muck and no matter how far I tunnel through, there is just going to be more muck.

      God, that was a depressing reply, not to mention terribly emo. Sorry. Maybe I’m PMSing.

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